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Email to Sarah

I’ve just spent a few minutes explaining via email to my friend Sarah how I think I could make these pants:

(I think I’d like a pair for everyday wear, but people tell me they wouldn’t be flattering. Thus, peer pressure has pointed me in the direction of pyjama-land. Friends, who needs ’em?)

So here is my diagram:

And here is my verbose email. As yet untested. But I do need some summery pyjamas, so watch this space.

Note: all these measurements will need a seam allowance

1. measure from your waist to your ankle and add maybe ten cm – that would be your leg length (a). pant leg is dead straight, so the ankle is the same width as the top of the leg (x).

2. halve your waist measurement, this will be roughly the width of the top of each leg piece (x). you’ll need to copy the inside leg curve (y) from elsewhere, but it doesn’t need to be too elaborate as the pants are so wide anyway!

3. measure from waist to above bust (e), where you want the bib to come to. this piece will be smocked, so the width will be your full waist measurement (b). the armholes (d) will be as per normal, but the top of the bib should be double the width you want between your shoulders (c).

so basically these will use up a lot of fabric, something light for summer that’ll be super all gathered and billowy! (and cheaper too).


mark on the bib pieces straight horizontal lines 1cm apart, where you will be stitching with elastic in the bobbin. Well, in theory they will be horizontal but in reality you’ll be going in one continuous line of elasticky stitches, around and around and around until you reach the seam with the pant legs. the lines you make can be the guides, or you can diligently represent the round and round line in your chalking.

sew together the legs – outside seam, inside seam, crotch seam. sew together the bib pieces at the side seams, then sew the bib and pants together at the waist. hem the edges of the bib, press all seams, and press the waist seam down towards the leg so it is out of the way for smocking.

thread bobbin with elastic thread, then sew around and around the bib with the outside facing up so the elastic ends up on the inside. add ties, hem pants with elastic et voila! Ratapants!

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