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This party’s crashing us

Knock knock! Who’s there? A cake! A cake who? A birthday cake for Rata-Roo!

Ho ho ho.

This is Rata’s cake (it was delicious). It’s meant to be the ‘R’ from the movie ‘Rio’, so it is also all feathered. But I also think it looks a bit like a koala.

The icing a joint effort between Louis and I – he watched me do a row of it and could see that it was a two person job. We followed this tutorial. Well, I did. There were a few skirmishes about how best to proceed and a few cries of “why are you doing them so far apart?” and “I don’t understand what you want!” but we managed, as you can see. The best thing about this kind of icing is that if you muck it up you can just spread it all out and start again.




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“Candyman can”

Rata has been watching the 1973 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Secretly I think it’s a bit scary for a (nearly) three year old but since she watches it with her dad all negative side effects cannot be traced back to me so that’s ok.

Last Friday we went on a little trip to Levin and THIS TIME I knew where the fabric shop was. I bought a bit of pink and white striped merino, some marvellous golden sunshine coloured cotton knit and this candy-striped remnant fabric. When I discovered it was a two-way stretch I decided to make leggings with it, cut on the bias so they really would be like candy canes. Of course, I don’t have a pattern so ‘cutting things on the bias’ involves a lot of winging it, and of the legs not having stripes on the same angle. But who cares when Rata isn’t going to wear them unless bribed?

But in the hour or so today when Rata DID wear them… I heard her on more than one occasion singing “the candyman can” quietly to herself, so obviously calling them her “candy cane pants” is having some effect. The problem seems to be that Rata only wants to wear tights at the moment, not leggings and socks. I’m not sure that I would be able to make tights with comfortable feet, so for now I think I’ll stick to the current mode of self-punishment, thank you…

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