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Birthdays and Birth-Days

La la la, time to bake things!

Despite what the toddler will tell you, a walnut shell is not a complete meal.

But then again, neither are Tan Squares…

… Carrot Cake? That’s pushing it…

… Cheese Muffins? Still not quite…

Nope there’s nothing for it but to give it all away! (And have fish and chips for tea instead). So we took it up the road to our friend Bree, who could be going into labour anytime now and giving Rata’s friend Lucy a “little sister”. These were some things we thought would keep well in the tin or the freezer for endless streams of visitors, hungry busy moments, or get lost behind the frozen peas and discovered in a moment of desperation. And as an added bonus I stuck to the recipe for the carrot cake, made it in two sponge tins, and have one to take to work tomorrow for my workmate’s birthday! Hurrah!

Today, I am awesome. I even managed to mop the floor.


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Lotte, Shoe Shop Maybe

My, how quickly hair grows. And how quickly it becomes apparent to me that, maybe, I should eat less chocolate.

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We walked home today in the snow, and later in the afternoon it started snowing again, this time in such a way that it stayed on the grass and the vege garden for a while. Big, fat snowflakes. All coming down at once. Rata was more interested in this stale bun she had claimed earlier. But seriously Rata, it NEVER snows in Paekakariki. Enjoy it while you can! (It also never snows in Wellingon City – well, this storm showed them…)

We stayed outside for ten minutes, and then the novelty wore off. In other words, all that lovely snow we had accumulated on our clothes melted and we were sopping wet! My mum knitted that pink hat. She was quite pleased to see it being rocked by a third generation.

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Paekakariki Hill Jelly

As I type, the sun is getting low and Paekakariki Hill has lit up all golden like. I can only see the very top of it from my present kitchen, but at my old house the kitchen window had the best seats in the house:

So it is in honour of this evening spectacle that today’s batches of feijoa and quince jelly are named. There is a little bit of that lovely orange light coming around to the kitchen window, which must mean spring is on its way.

I’ve got lots of feijoa jelly to give away. You might have to ask extra nicely for the quince though – this is it.

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