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These shirts

After a massive lull in general creative tasks, some minor garden-related distractions and a fair amount of procrastination, I am busy sewing again and recording creations on this here space! First up, two new shirts. I had never made a shirt before but found this pattern on TradeMe for a fair price considering I was quite likely to make both the shirt and the culottes. By ‘fair’ I mean about $5 as opposed to 20c at an op-shop but considering that most of my op-shopping comprises of whipping things off the shelf while chasing a small child around, not sitting on the floor going through boxes… well I am quite happy to pay someone to op-shop for patterns for me.

My search paid off because the shirt pattern fits me nicely, though I may lengthen it next time as the sides come a bit high on me. It’s pretty simple and comes together quickly, and I do like having a pattern do the thinking for me sometimes.

I practiced making the pattern with a $3 curtain. The fabric reminds me of various textiles of my mum’s from the 70s. It’s going to look very nice with a navy blue skirt (it might even have braces) and my green shoes.

I also took it upon myself to make buttons for the shirt, and went a bit wild on the stripes since I knew they’d fall on a solid block of dark pink. It’s a fiddly task when you suspect you may need glasses (and at the very least a desk lamp) but I was happy with how they turned out.

THEN! I cut out my real fabric (after the loan of an overlocker, thank you Flo!) and got to work. The sleeves on my first shirt were too long and tight, so although I didn’t cut any extra I simply folded the cuffs to be bigger. It worked perfectly (and I can go back and do it to the other shirt easily). The collar sat neater this time and my button holes are better. Did I mention I just inherited my nana’s sewing machine, with the step-by-step button holer? I don’t have the foot for it yet but it was easy enough to keep track of how far to go. Proper button holes, YAY!

I REALLY like that fabric. I saw it in in Frankie magazine a while back on Kimbra, a Karen Walker dress, and wanted it quite badly. I can’t find any record of that dress on the internets, but while killing time before work one morning I stumbled upon the fabric in Arthur Toye. Quite an exciting moment, I have to say.

Like any shirt, it looks better on. Even in a crappy bathroom shot, complete with dusty mirror. Sigh. I will never be cool.


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