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Nanaimo Bars
























I have a new phone. I have conquered a new recipe. One person described it thus: ‘it doesn’t get much more 21st century technoretrobake than this’. I am quite taken with the term. This post will be the first google-able occurrence of ‘technoretrobake’ on the internets. I know because I tried.

I like my new picture-taker. The camera itself is pretty good, and this photo was trickled through an Android application called Little Photo. It’s simple. It works. I finally got my head around making and saving pictures. Now my Nanaimo Bars may bask forever in eternal red formica glory. Meanwhile, I’m going to have another little piece. And think about ditching sugar another day…


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Beans! They like to grow!

Beans! I planted them too early!

Beans! They needed some place to go! So I dug a little trench in this warm corner, lined it with newspaper, filled it with compost and separated the egg carton. (I planted the rest of the borlotti out back between the pean (pea-bean) plants around their bean teepee.)

I don’t think it is really time yet to be planting beans but oh well. They look happy. I have also worked out where I will plant my pumpkins – in front of these beans so they can sprawl all over the hot concrete. My accidental pumpkin planting last year in Holloway Road worked pretty well for them, spilling out onto the footpath. So long as Rata doesn’t run them over too often with her bicycle. Meanwhile, I have two tomatoes!

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Lotte, Shoe Shop Bore

At the risk of seeming repetitive (perish the thought!) here is today’s work outfit, brought to you by the Peggy skirt and a medal I made last year when Rata was asleep. My workmate asked, is that your medal for being a mother? Because I am trying to be a career girl I did not share my thoughts on my idea of a true ‘mummy medal’… a nice little smear of snot or sticky face, always pinned on the same part of your shoulder each time, that corner of your body so perfect for wiping your little toddler nose on…

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These have been in the ground for months. Months. I planted them in March, perhaps, and it is only in the last week or so that they’ve really taken off. At Standard Issue Paekakariki Magic Hour, I went to retrieve the washing in the last of the sunshine and thought ‘ooh, those carrot tops are getting quite big, I wonder how big they are now’ and proceeded to pull up both rows of the Paris Market variety. Because they are meant to look like that.

Today I got rid of some bolting broccoli and replaced it with neatly sewn Pearl Drop onions, another row of carrots and some radishes between the red onion seedlings I planted just before it snowed. I know that’s not a terribly interesting report, but how else will I know when I planted something if I don’t write it down somewhere on the internet? A bamboo teepee is eagerly awaiting some pea plants, and Rata’s “Tomato Sauce” garden is coming along nicely with broad beans, coriander, rocket and newly sewn onion seeds. Most of those things have nothing to do with tomato sauce but it’s too early for the star of the show and I need to have something to show the boss. You know how it is…

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Lotte, Shoe Shop Blur

A blurry preview of a dress completed on the morning of this photographic documentation, otherwise known as ‘Yesterday’.

Yesterday I felt like a million dollars. Navy blue goes with everything, and I would also like to mention the new Glassons cardigans with their gathered sleeves and their now buttonless cuffs. I may need to buy six of them. But remind me never to wear black again.



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