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Poor little career girl

Oh my, someone called Lotte is tired. So tired. Working 20+ hours a week when it’s the school holidays and Louis is at home is a holiday in itself. Working 20+ hours while it’s term time, trying to fit in Playcentre around it, taking Rata on the train with me two days a week, cooking dinner and keeping up with the rest of it is NO FUN. (Before you ask, Louis works 10 hour days, it would be easier if he didn’t but yeah…) But now my “other casual” work mate is back and has taken on some of the hours I was covering and I am back to covering shifts sporadically. Which means Rata and I will not be too tired to go to Playcentre in the mornings, I will have enough brain space to look at sewing patterns, and maybe some of the vegetables in the fridge will turn into dinner instead of sludge for the compost heap.

But I was actually going to talk about something else… my dad took some photos of my sewing room recently and they are on display at 75 Ghuznee St, Wellington, along with work by my step-mama and some of their comrades in arts. ┬áMy sewing stash has been a bit of a hit and the postcards they made of it have been snaffled (good thing they sent me one or I’d never have known they existed!). I’ve been trying to take a good photo of that cupboard but my camera can never quite handle it.

Dad’s work is about spaces that are lived in, as opposed to ‘styled’ ones. Like that box under my desk? Yeah me too – that’s why I haven’t unpacked it yet, though it’s now living in the garage hoping to catch a dead weta or three before we need our winter jackets. Normally I sew with the foot UNDER the table.

The kitchen photo is my own response to dad’s pictures. You can see his messy kitchen in the exhibition, along with his workbench and my brother’s one too. Dad was quite chuffed and thought he’d started something, but we all know I’ve been ranting about ‘clean over tidy‘ for a while now, and taking photos of the dishes to boot.


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